• Julie Stevens

Girl's Weekend Goes International (Okay, so it was only a two hour drive to the Canadian border)

Updated: Mar 9

Girl's Weekends are nothing new. Women all over the world gather their besties for a few cherished days to just get away from the daily stresses. We need these female bonds to keep us sane. Every year a group of us takes off for a weekend in December to laugh, Christmas shop, eat, drink, and be merry. Sometimes we're a little too merry according to the pub owners, but we think they're party poopers and obviously don't understand the true meaning of girl's weekend!

This year we took our fashionable selves over the border.....the Canadian border that is. Since we all live just outside of Seattle, the five of us loaded up, passports in hand (doesn't that make us sound worldly?), and with the allotted amount of alcohol per person, headed towards what was surely to be another epic adventure. We have our traditions too.....matching pink santa hats, a mini pink Christmas tree that gets set up at each location, pink boas, and our monogrammed pink flasks. We enjoy a white elephant gift exchange as well, and this group knows how to steal.

As I'm sure you know, there is always the group organizer who is responsible for getting us the best hotel at the best rate. We love this person. This year she landed us a penthouse through VRBO with a 180 degree view of downtown Vancouver, B.C., the waterfront, and Rogers Arena, home to the Canucks. It just so happens that they were playing their rival team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. We attempted to buy tickets, but at $150 a piece, we figured that would seriously take away from our happy hours. No can do! Instead we enjoyed a lovely day of "almost" shopping at one of the local malls, and had every intention of buying gifts for other people, but instead found ourselves at the Nordstrom bar. Shame on them for making their Moscow Mules so delicious, because it took us 4 hours to find our way out of there. We tried to justify the fact that sitting there was cheaper than shopping, but I'm not so sure that rationale worked in our favor. Who cares, we had a blast! After all, isn't that what these weekends are for, no distinct plans, flying by the seat of our pants, and going where the wind takes us? Don't we do enough planning at home?

Vancouver has such a beautiful influence of English and Irish heritages, the pubs are authentic, and the people friendly. Even though the language is the same, the charming rise and fall of Canadian English, makes you feel like you're much further from home than you really are. Vancouver is also a popular filming location, so don't be surprised if you have a celebrity sighting. Whale Watching is a huge draw from March to October and has a 90% sighting success rate. The national historic site of Gastown is also worth checking out, with it's boutique shops and restaurants.

Well, the weekend has come to an end. We made it back over the border in one piece, happier and closer than we were when we left the U.S. We did make sure to delete any incriminating evidence just in case any of us decide to run for office. If you haven't ventured out for a girl's weekend in awhile, give your ladies a call and start making some memories.