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About Julie

Hear It From Me

I am a published travel writer, blogger and photographer with an extensive background in the performing arts. I began my modeling and dancing career at a very young age and signed with my first talent agent at 18. I'm pretty sure that the arts chose me just as much as I chose them. I was in Follies at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle for several years before jumping aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for almost a decade. I danced my way through the Caribbean and Mexico, recorded voiceover for the RCCL headquarters and honed my emcee skills hosting numerous activities for our guests.


After jumping ship in 2000, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career. I studied at Lee Strasberg Acting School and added makeup and hair styling to my resume from Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts. The education I received from my experiences in California has benefitted me greatly over the years, and I have put them to good use back in my hometown of Seattle, Washington. After my return, I was hired to be a host and news anchor for Good Morning Northwest at KVEW-TV for two years. I recently found a love for ballroom dance and perform as often as possible. I am currently signed with one local talent agent and two out of state. It's nice to have additional people in your corner, wouldn't you agree? 

Health and fitness have remained a priority for me, and I enjoy encouraging others to live their best lives through self-care. I continue to model, with a focus on fitness and lifestyle. My acting career continues to thrive after 30 years in the business, with several film, commercial, corporate video and voiceover credits to my name. 

 The travel bug hit me at a young age as well. I blame this on my parents. They sent my brother and I on a scavenger hunt one Christmas, and the final prize was a trip to Hawaii. I was 11 years old. From that moment on, I started saving my money and making travel a priority. I flew to Hawaii a few more times, Mexico for high school graduation, lived in Sun Valley, Idaho with friends, flew to Portugal, Denmark and Sweden with my RCCL shipmates, volunteered in the jungles of Costa Rica, went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, spent three glorious weeks in Italy and just returned home from a two-week stay in Bali. Where to next? I've always been curious by nature, not to mention fearless, which I'm quite certain caused some parental anxiety. But travel feeds all of this with a renewed vitality. I have always kept a journal and photographs from my past adventures, and continue to document my present travels. I thought it was time to share these with all of you through my blog, social media and YouTube channel.


Whether you're a foodie, like to try the local libations, enjoy volunteering, an arts enthusiast, a history buff and want to finally understand what your teachers were talking about, or like me, just need to see things in person, travel has something for everyone. My best education has come from these adventures in travel. My dearest friendships are with those who share the same spirit for wanderlust. My desire is to inspire you to take a dive, a walkabout or a leap of faith into this beautiful world and find your own inner traveler. Dream big, travel often.


The Story

My Blog


What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world?

For me, it is the excitement of planning my next trip and

getting out of my comfort zone. This is where the magic



I also love sharing stories with other travelers

and living vicariously through them.
Since starting my own blog and YouTube channel, 

I feel as if I too can be a storyteller.
I hope my adventures take you away, if only for a moment.

(Photo Sponsored by Nuun)



February 27, 2017

We walked through the stained pinewood door of our resort suite to find it was the very same one we had been admiring for the past six months online. There are only two suites that propel themselves forward from the rest of the resort, and ours was one of them. My bags...

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